Apply for ISIN

Apply for  ISIN

If your company is seeking ISIN codes and needs assistance with the ISIN application MFN can help. ISINs or an international securities identification number is usually obtained with a prospectus or an offering memorandum or an ‘equivalent’ document. An ISIN code is 12 digit alphanumeric code that’s entire purpose is to identify securities, like stocks and bonds. It is used to clear and/or settle trades, which is the main function of the ISIN number.

To apply for an ISIN code one must have an incorporated company and documentation explaining what the ISIN code is for, i.e. detailing the securities of the company. Normally the private placement memorandum or PPM or prospectus is used for this.

If you need assistance applying for an ISIN MFN may be able to assist.

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