Fund Services

MFN’s fund services include fund administration and financial statement preparation, auditing, accounting, net asset value calculations as well as investor relations services. In additional to our fund administration services we also assist with tax preparation and legal compliance support.

Funds Types

MFN assists all types of funds, including hedge fund, fund of hedge funds, mutal funds, private equity fund and more.

Private Equity

MFN provides professional administration services for private equity funds and a variety of investment partnerships in both onshore and offshore jurisdictions. Our team works closely with clients to accommodate their administration needs, all the while saving needs capital and time.  Additionally, we also assist and support fund managers with tax, legal or accounting needs.

Formation Services

  • Serve as the liaison with attorneys or our in house counsel during the preparation of corporate and governing documents, including limited partnership agreements, private placement memorandum / offering memorandum or information memorandum, and subscription agreements, and more
  • Leverage our insights for best practices when drafting the corporate documents or offering memorandum. MFN’s staff have been involved in over 3,000 offerings. We bring years of experience to the formation service of a fund or company
  • Consult on corporate structures and formation in various jurisdictions of the world

Fund Accounting Services

  • MFN maintains records and documents of subscriptions and redemption notices
  • MFN maintains records of investor capital balance in order to alloate profit/losses in accordance with the current governing document provided by the fund
  • MFN prepares monthly or quarterly preparation of the fund’s financial statements. This entails the inclusion of balance sheets, income statements, partners’ capital allocation schedules and fund performance schedules
  • MFN prepares monthly and/or quarterly preparation of investor statements
  • MFN maintains record expenses and capital transactions in accordance with GAAP and fund governing documents (including accruals, subscriptions and redemptions)
  • MFN reconciles cash accounts with statements provided by prime brokers or custodians
  • MFN will calculate management fee and incentive allocation/carried interest based on the Fund’s corporate or misgoverning documents
  • MFN prepares the fund’s annual income tax return filings or provide the fund’s tax advisor with accounting records and supporting schedules

Audit Assistance

MFN teams will directly assist the fund’s auditing team on an annual bases or as needed. Our audit services include the drafting of financial statements, drafting needed letters for the audit and more.

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